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about earthChat

The earthChat is a combination of a classic chat and a presentation of a circle of users within one converstaion (-> chatArea (-> equals a chatroom)) in Google Earth at the same time.
The Google Earth's own browser window serves the system as an input console whereas the main google Earth only operates with outputs.
Due to this change, users with Google Earth experience need get used to the modified handling...

Working with the newest Google 3D plug-ins make it possible to display google earth in web now...

What's special about this method is that you can not only show the realistic world surface but also implicate other objects in one illustration. In particular we are talking about so-called Placemarks or even entire Google Earth layers.
These objects give the chat a complete new dimension and increase the otherwise 'death planet' with a variety of overlayed informations. The degree of those overlay are under the administration of the users themselves by activate and deactve features. Every Placemarks can differ in character. You have the option to choose beetween simple markers of spots up to deposited pictures or videos to the point of complex 3D objects ...

The individual users have the opportunity to join and switch from firm chatAreas in order to meet like-minded poeple or create their own chatAreas. In doing so they're always able to jump on moving chatAreas or take all the members of their circle on a tour, leaded by a scout, across the rergion.

The options are endless!

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