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Nutzungsbedingungen (automatische Ãœbersetzung)

I. Area of application

a) The general terms of use control the use of the wesite earthChat.de and it's offered services and content.  They involve information provided by the user in the context of the earthChat.de website, chats, comments or bulletin boards (later called "user information").

b) You accept the general terms of use by clikcing the send-Button while the login process.

II. Login

a) With forwarding the declaration formular and the receipt of earthChat.de a contract about all earthChat.de services comes off.

b) It is not allowed to register yourself with more than one user name. By failure to comply with this rule each of your accounts will be deleted or you rather have the chance to choose one of them as your main account. It's on the administrator to make the right decision.

c) Users must be at least 16 years old to use the service of earthChat.de. But we suffer the membership of younger users as long as no serious problems occur. Private disputes should be fought out privately and not with the comprehension of an administrator. The penalty consists of the deactivation of both parties.

III. Terms and efficiency of services

a) Though earthChat.de adjusts a personal account for you it is not competent for the general internet access which produces seperate costs.

b) Free additional contributions which extend the setting of the personal account won't be a matter of your owed benefits and can be dismissed by earthChat.de to any time.

c) Every once a while earthChat.de will offer lottery which will be bound to limitation of participants. earthChat.de waives a claim on the participance  allows no gewährt auf die Teilnahme an solchen Gewinnspielen keinen Rechtsanspruch.

IV. warranty

a) earthChat.de doesn't warrant the continueous access to all services.

b) earthChat.de has no influence over the exchange of data. Unpredictable events like vis major, official sanctions, breakdown of transmittel average or other interferences which are unpresented by earthChat.de release it from its liability and warranty. earthChat.de will try it's very best to abolish any kind of those interferneces as soon as possible.

c) earthChat.de is not responsible for the accuracy regarding content and users matters as well.

V. Cancelation of services

a) You as well as earthChat.de can cancel the contract over the free service to any time without any given reason. Therefor you have to mail an E-mail to info@earthChat.de which implies the wish of the cancelation.

b) In case of cancelation provided by earthChat.de all your personal data will be deleted.

VI. Use of services

a) You agree to give  up-to-date and proper information to your person (consecutively 'registration data') due to the alligation of the registration form and to refresh them if neccessary. Should the user fail to provide its obligation or if it appears in the view of earthChat.de the user's account can be deactivated rather momentarily or in perpetuity and bar fom all types of using the service 

b) You are responsible to secure your account against the unauthorized use of third party. You shouldn't pass your personal password on to anyone because you are liable for each unauthorized access to the darthChat.de accounts. Please choose a safe password.

Every unauthorized access to services of earthChat.de using your name and password need to be reported to earthChat.de immediately.

c) All content and services by earthChat.de are protected (and won't be worked with or safed unless they're approved prior). You aren't allowed to change characters (like name, label, corporate mark, etc.) used by the website.

d) You entitle earthChat.de to use and commercialize your commens and bulletin done within the website.

e) Further you covenant:
not to perform actions which could change the phsysical or logical structure of the used networks; not to try to translate, regress ("reverse engineering"), decompile or reassemble the source code of the earthChat.de online service;
not to attempt to create a program which allows all the program functions of the erathChat.de to run avoiding the user interface. It applies for conrresponding scripts, robots, posting-automatism and other technical installations serving equal purpose.

f) You are responsible that your posted and mailed contents won't contravene statutory provisions or thrid party rights:

g) Especially you covenant:
not to post or mail content that is incommensurate with the principles of the fair trade law and consumer protection, the copyright and industrial property right, the data privacy, respective criminal assignments and/or commen laws, the law for the protection of the youth and the 'habeas corpus act' (all in all content contrary to contract). Considered as contents contrary to contract are all contents with discriminate, racist, xenophobic, pornographic or other sexually debase character; respect the privacy others and don't mail unasked, abusing, aspersive or threaten contents.

h) You accept that earthChat.de can bond you from the chat, all offers and services to any time without any given reasons.

VII. Liability

a) We exclude liability for user details. Though earthChat provides it's right to delete content regarding illegality, discrimination, sexist matters, ethical damnability or other concerns. On official or court order these kind of information will be forwarded to law enforcement agency.

b) In case of violation of the terms of use the user is obligated to release earthChat from all resulting third party claim as well as substitue through this accrued losses, costs or disadvantage.

c) According to the regulations of the Product liability act earthChat takes responsibility due to the lack of guaranteed properties, damage to persons as well as the violation of substantial contract duties. With the exception of this cases the liability is limited to wantonly negligent or willful behavior.
If earthChat.de violates substantial contract duties, the liability is limited to the exchange of the predictable, contact coherent disadvantage as lond as earthChat.de or its auxiliary person won't be accused to behaved wantoly negligent or willful. 

d) Advanced liability of earthChat is barred. Especially in cases like malfunction of communication path, vis major, availability and circumstances beyond the earthChat sphere of incluence.

VIII. data privacy

a) Handling your personal data earthChat.de takes account of the appropriate legal data instruction.

b) Personal data will be safed and processed within the Federal Republic of Germany where the earthChat.de server is based. Date won't be abused but used if neccessary to achieve and implement the contract.

c) You can check on your safed data at all time through your account.

d) As long as it is necessary for the accomplishment of the contract or the abidance by the law connection data will be stored.

e) With cancelation and execution of the contract all your personal data will be deleted within 28 days.

IX. Change of the terms of use

a) earthChat.de reserves it's right to change the terms if use and service description at any time. earthChat.de will inform you at least 4 weeks prior to any modifications which will follow via screen or e-mail. If you don't disagree with the changes they're seen as approved.

X. Miscellaneous

a) If an instruction is effectless or unenforceable or inaccurate it won't infect the activity and work of the remaining instructions of the terms of use. A instruction which serves the purpose of the busted one te most becomes affective.

b) Variances of the general terms of use including the ones that you convey as element of the user's contents don't apply unless they're affirmed by earthChat.de.

c) The terms of use and all litigation between the user and earthChat.de are liable to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.


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